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Celebrating The Arrival Of Heroine Make


IMG_9388There’s just pleasure in putting makeup on layer by layer on bare face until you reach the desired look. This is especially therapeutic when you have all the time in the world to do it, right? But if you’re not a morning person, like myself, and you need to beat the traffic to work, putting a face has got to be the last on your priorities. I actually do mine when I get to the office so imagine me…

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Posh Nails Perea Branch Is Now Open!


IMG_1580Salons and spas are probably the one industry that just keeps on sprouting in every corner of the metro. I guess it only goes to show that pampering is not just a luxury anymore. It’s a need. For a corporate slave being like me, working 9 to 5 in a fast-paced and highly demanding field, work-life balance is a must. I repeat, it’s a MUST! Though I’m still not very much into hair, I recently found…

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Get Guaranteed Seats To The BDJ Social: Camp Gorgeous!


The BDJ Beauty Social gathers beauty aficionados into one event to celebrate, experience and learn about beauty. Whether you’re a newbie or savvy, there’s a place for everyone to enjoy themselves! Now on its second run, BDJ, is having BDJ Box Social: Camp Gorgeous on September 14 at SM North Edsa Skydome from 12 pm to 7 pm. It will be a day filled with makeovers, demonstrations, talks and an…

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IMG_9424We officially bid August goodbye today as the Ber-months usher in. I can’t help but feel a little bit melancholic because time flies so quickly. Agree? I feel like I haven’t accomplished a lot of things that I planned to do for this year and yet, we’re just a quarter away before 2014 comes to a close. Case in point, I still have a lot of pending posts that are waiting to be published. Heck, most…

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A Scentsational Experience at Beauty Scents, An Outlet Store


IMG_9293Paseo de Sta. Rosa has become the bargain mecca of the South. If you frequently go there to shop for shoes, clothes at jaw-dropping prices, there’s another reason for you to go as Beauty Scents opened its first luxury beauty outlet store there, too! Beauty Scents is the first and the biggest luxury outlet store that carries designer beauty products and fragrances at huge discounts. Think…

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Beauty Blossoms In Manila With Pixy!


IMG_9319It’s always been on my travel bucket list to visit Japan one day. I mean, what’s not to love about that country? It’s has a rich, traditional culture yet it’s one of the most diverse and advanced in the world. They’re very influencial in the fashion industry and we all know them for being kawaii. Let’s not forget, however, that they do embrace simplicity, too. Brands like Uniqlo and Muji best…

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LORAC PRO PALETTEI’ve collected a handful of palettes over the course of my blogging but it’s a shame that I haven’t featured them yet. One of which is the Lorac Pro Palette. It took me a while to get hold of this because I already had the Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2 at the time, which was everyone’s cult favorite. However, the shimmery and metallic finishes of those palettes don’t quite fall under the basic,…

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Robin Williams

Robin WilliamsI may not have seen all of Robin Williams’ movies nor am I his biggest fan, but his sudden death has left a part of me mourning. I find it really amazing that a distant person such as a movie or TV actor can have an impact in our lives through the characters they play. Robin Williams made us laugh, cry, or sometimes angry, which is proof that he’s an amazing actor. Not all actors can do justice…

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Unboxing the July 2014 BDJ Box!**


IMG_9312Two Thursdays ago, the July BDJ Box arrived before I had to head out for the Beauty Scents Grand Launch. I rarely answer the door because I’m working 9 to 5 pm so it was quite a delight to receive the parcel myself. My first impression was, “Wow, it’s huge and heavy!” I wanted to rip the wrapper open and unbox it already, however, I had to wait until I come home since I’d be late for the event.…

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IMG_9216I was invited by my friend and beauty blogger, Kumi, to attend the launch of Herbalife Skin a week ago at Aracama, The Fort Strip. I arrived an hour late because I came from an offsite work in Batangas, but surprisingly made it just in time for the program proper. Although I’ve never tried any Herbalife products in the past, I’ve known the company for their nutritional drinks as it’s what they’re…

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The Grand Launch Of Beauty Scents, An Outlet Store


BEAUTYSCENTS SAVETHEDATE1Beauty lovers have something to celebrate about in exactly 2 days! If you love luxury perfumes and makeup, but find them too expensive in stores or too impatient to wait for the next upcoming sale. Well, good news! The first-ever and the biggest beauty outlet store, Beauty Scents, is going to open its doors at Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Laguna! Whenever I hear the word “outlet”, I go nuts because this…

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Ellana Mineral Lip and Cheek Gel in Ruby and Amethyst**


IMG_9210What makes you blush?

When you see your crush? When you get embarrassed? When you spend an hour or two at the gym? Perhaps when you drink a glass of wine? I, myself, don’t blush that much except when I had a little (or too much) alcohol. If you’ve been on Facebook lately, you might’ve come across an article that explains why we blush when we drink. “The facial flushing response to drinking…

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#FirstImpressionsMatter | Make A Perfect First Impression With Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream**


Making a first good impression is very crucial because studies show that it only takes 8 seconds, yes, 8 SECONDS, to build an impact to your audience or people you meet. So the moment you enter that door, whether it’s an interview, meeting the parents or whatever, you’re already being assessed and you only get one shot at it. Truth is, whatever they think of you will more or less be cast in stone…

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Be Your Own Heroine! Unboxing the BDJ Elite Box by Heroine Make!**


IMG_9101The past couple of posts have been unboxing of the BDJ Boxes and this one is no different except that it’s the BDJ Elite Box this time around! If you’re still unfamiliar of BDJ Boxes, it’s a beauty subscription service wherein you get a deluxe or full-sized samples of products. They now have 3 types of boxes to choose from depending on your budget:

  • BDJ Box– If you wish a box that’s full of beauty…

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Unboxing the June 2014 BDJ Box!**


IMG_8304Luck is still not on my side and as you might’ve guessed already, this is the unboxing of the June BDJ Box. I received this 2-3 weeks ago and like you, I giggled in excitement as it’s another exclusive beauty box. Exclusive boxes give a different level of adrenaline as you get a handful of products to try from a particular brand. For June, it was none other than Benefit yet again! It wasn’t too…

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